Who We Are

The University of Assisted Living (UAL), was created to give you the advantage in reaching your goals in senior care careers. We specialize in taking both experienced caregivers and those who are new to caregiving and developing your education and skills to reach your career goals in record time.


At UAL we Recruit, Train, Pre-qualify individuals and place them into professional settings fully prepared to work.  We provide on-going Coaching, Training, and Advocacy. We support you in seeking new opportunities for your growth, advancement and overall success.


Together we develop your unique career pathway from entry-level to executive-level positions.  If you are serious about senior care and making a career in the industry, you deserve to have an experienced team on your side guiding you all the way.

Who Are We Looking For?

• Individuals interested in making a positive impact on the daily lives of seniors and their families


• Individuals who are committed and motivated people interested in achieving the highest level of success in the Senior Care industry


• Individuals that would excel with support, coaching in creating a pathway for success

Even if you are seeking a career in the medical continuum as a Nurse, Physician Assistant, Paramedic or EMT, Assisted Living will provide a wealth of experience to help you advance and is a great way to start your path.

As a UAL Graduate, you can take pride in changing the culture of CARE.

Our President, Steve Sarine

Steve Sarine, President of UAL

Cell: 916 - 508 - 0543

After over 20 years of being an innovator in care programs, and an Executive Director for large Facilities providing Assisted Living services, Steve Sarine found that he couldn't move forward in creating more fulfilling models and programs for residents and caregivers if he didn't have the "talent" or staffing to grow into new areas.


Over the last 2 years, it has been more about survival for the senior care industry, keeping at least base line staffing.


From his director seat, he saw all his key staff focused on interviewing and training new staff, instead of taking care of the existing staff, residents, and families.

On average, facilities today are seeing 100% to 200% turn over rates within the year. Constantly interviewing, associating, and training new staff members for the care industry is extraordinarily expensive. The timing for hiring is not in the facilities hands as they are actively supporting the needs of their residents every day.


Steve feels that the industry could do a better job in supporting employees at entry level positions. It’s vital that facilities show staff how to succeed and promote within the industry, rather than let staff feel like their current position is a "dead end job."

A Quality Employee Is The Next Frontier of Competition

With an aspiration to resolve the care industry's core issues before the current problems get worse, Steve Sarine joined forces with Tom Arjil, (a local home-town provider of Paramedic service and training center for EMT's and Paramedics) as well as Tom Cullen (Director of the Association of California Care Administrators and a prominent Continuing Education Provider for both administrators and staff with decades of experience).


From this collective was born the University of Assisted Living. With the vision to professionalize the senior care industry, UAL promotes new areas in the work force in order to recruit different types of folks into a career in senior care.

UAL provides comprehensive support and training to help staff reach their goals and pursue a career in senior living.

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